Get unlimited access to the talent market.

Matchfield is a sourcing and selection tool that gives your TA team transparent access to candidates.

Empower your TA team with full visibility.

Agencies leave you in the dark by hiding their work, pushing specific candidates, and charging premiums.

Matchfield gives you open access to the talent market so you can hire the best person for the job, period.

How does Matchfield stack up against paying for job boards, or paying an agency?

Traditional agency model

The Matchfield Difference

Candidate ownership

Agencies only show you the candidates they can convince to represent.

No candidate ownership

We share the whole talent market with you so you can choose who is best.

Fees contingent on a hire

Contingent searches are only successful 10% of the time. That means you’re paying for the other 90% of unsuccessful searches.

Simple, pay-per-month access

Get pay-per-month access to the whole market and hire as many or as few candidates as you need.

Difficult to scale

Using only human recruiters slows searches down and you're billed for every hire.

Easy scalability

Tech-driven search speeds up hiring, and monthly access to candidates gives you a steady pipeline of talent for future needs.

Seeing all candidate profiles should be easy.

Tech-enabled sourcing and selection helps your TA team succeed by seeing more candidates with the Matchfield App.

Harness the benefits of full transparency hiring:

Get access to the Matchfield app.

See all the candidates in the market who match your specific requirements.

Choose who you want to engage with.

We match you with candidates who are interested and available.

Hire the candidates you want.

Hire as many or as few candidates as you need, or pipeline talent for future hires.