Your TA team can hire better.

They just need the right tool for the job.

With the Matchfield app you can easily browse the market for your roles, highlight top candidates you want to engage with, and track the status of your search.

The Matchfield App

How the Matchfield App works:

Your team receives email notifications

Matchfield does the sourcing and lists all the profiles available for your job.

Register members of your TA team, and they’ll get a notification when there’s new candidates to review.

Select or reject profiles

Quickly review the public profiles of active and passive candidates in the app.

Select the candidates you’re interested in. Matchfield engages the candidate for their full profile.

Interview and hire matched candidates

Matchfield tells you which candidates are interested in your opportunity.

With access to their full profile, your TA team can do what they do best: interview and hire.


The Matchfield app leverages the strength of your TA team. Schedule a demo to see how: